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In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the scientometric databases ICI, Scopus, Web of Science and the following rules of publication are introduced in the journal.

1. «Journal of Coal Chemistry» publishes:

  • Articles that correspond to the goals and objectives of the journal and contain new original scientific results in the field of natural mineral processing, as well as the articles that have not been previously published and are not being reviewed by the editors of other journals.
  • Articles that do not contain elements of auto plagiarism and plagiarism (including reprinting the article or its parts, submitting the article to several magazines simultaneously, using texts and illustrations without the consent of the copyright owner).
  • Brief messages of no more than 2-5 pages, including tables.
  • Survey papers (reviews). Before preparing the review, authors are encouraged to discuss the proposed review with the editors.
  • Book Reviews.

Each article by the decision of the editorial board or according to the recommendations of the reviewers may be reduced or divided into parts.

2. The text layout of the article.

  • the text should be typed in Word 97-2003 format;
  • fields from all sides - 2.5 cm;
  • orientation - book A4;
  • single line space.

3. The title of the article - font 14 Times New Roman (no more than 12 words), bold, placement in the center.

4. The name and surname of the author / authors, organization, country, academic degree, academic title, position are located under the heading - font 11 Times New Roman.

5. Author’s / authors ’e-mail address are in the centre , font 11 Times New Roman. If there are several authors, the author must be indicated for correspondence.

6. There should be abstracts in the Russian and Ukrainian languages - volume 1800-2500 characters. The English abstract volume should be at least 1500 characters. The abstract should not contain general phrases, references to literature, and should summarize the main results of the work. Font 11 Times New Roman, single line space.

7. Keywords (in the appropriate language are located under each annotation) specify information about the research, but are not of a general nature. The words consist of 3-6 words or phrases corresponding to the content of the work, separated by a semicolon. There must be Font 11 Times New Roman, single spacing.

The main text of the article is separated from the keywords by one interval.

8. The main text of the article can be divided into headings and subheadings (for example, introduction, materials and methods of research, results, discussion, conclusions). In this case, headings and subheadings are numbered. There must be Font 11 Times New Roman. Headings and subheadings are aligned to the left.

9. References.

  • In all references to articles that are provided with a DOI index, this index must be imposed.
  • Self-citation does not exceed 10% of the bibliography (referring to the publications of the author’s article).
  • The bibliographic list is formed in the order of the appearance of references in the text.
  • The bibliographic description of references can be made up according to the participant's choice, taking into account the National Standard of Ukraine DSTU 8302: 2015 “Information and Documentation. Bibliographic link. General provisions and rules for compiling "or one of the styles referred to the recommended list of styles for the list of scientific publications of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, namely:
    1. MLA (Modern Language Association) style.
    2. APA-1,2 (American Psychological Association) style.
    3. Chicago / Turabian style.
    4. Harvard style.
    5. ACS (American Chemical Society) style. < / li>
    6. AIP (American Institute of Physics) style.
    7. IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) style.
    8. Vancouver style.
    9. OSCOLA.
    10. APS (American Physics Society) style.
    11. Springer MathPhys Style.

10. Figures.

  • Each figure is self-sufficient. To understand it, you do not need to refer to the Material and Methods section, read the article title (it is desirable that the name of the picture should not exceed 12 words).
  • Figures, graphs and diagrams should be inserted into the text of the article in the appropriate places in the form of inserts in PDF format (except for numbering, title and under drawing explanations).
  • Charts and graphs should be properly formatted (signed axis names, specified units of measurement in SI system, there are no color or gradient fills, the font when printing is not visually different from the text font (1 point), there are no frames around the drawings and legends).
  • The figures show details (elements), a short but meaningful interpretation of the symbols is provided under the picture clarification.
  • The figures are numbered in the order in which they are discussed in the text.
  • The drawings must be in the same in style.

11. Tables

  • Tables are self-sufficient (it is not necessary to open other sections of the article in order to understand what is being said).
  • The notes to the tables should contain all the data necessary for understanding the meaning of the table without referring to the Material and Methods section.
  • Tables can be inserted in the text in the appropriate places.

12. Conclusions

  • Concise, specific, relevant goals and article titles.
  • Literally not duplicated in all language versions of the instructions.
  • The arguments are logical and structured, these articles confirm and justify the conclusions.
  • The findings take into account a significant array of literature on the topic of the article.
  • If necessary, there is a designation of prospects for further research.
  • There is an indication of how the results correlate with expectations and earlier research; the article supports or denies previous theories.

13. Article submission

  • The editors accept articles in Ukrainian and Russian in electronic and printed form print, signed by all authors and with the added examination certificate.
  • email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • by mail at 7, st. Vesnina, Kharkov, Ukraine, 61023.
  • Directly as amended at 7, st. Vesnina, Kharkov, Ukraine, 61023.
  • The originality of the text must be at least 80% (articles are tested by the Antiplagiat system).
  • The editors reserve the right to refuse to publish materials that have received a negative review or do not meet the requirements of the journal.

The editorial staff do not hold correspondence regarding the justification of negative reviews and a detailed explanation of the reasons for the refusal to publish.

14. A paper version of the article (in duplicate) is sent to the editors by mail, and must be signed by all authors. Handwritten paper inserts are not allowed. The electronic version of the article (in MS Word 97-2003 format) is mandatory; it must fully comply with the paper version.

15. For all authors, it is necessary to indicate surnames, full names and patronymic names, positions, degrees and titles, email addresses, postal addresses of the place of work. One of the authors should be listed as a contact person providing his e-mail and contact numbers.

16. Editorial policy regarding the authorship of articles.

  • Submission of the manuscript to the editors means that the responsible author confirms its compliance with the requirements of the editorial board.
  • All the co-authors listed in the list took part in the implementation of this work (contributed to the development of the concept, the formulation of the problem, the obtaining or interpretation of the results).
  • None of the co-authors are involved in the co-authorship without his knowledge and personal consent.
  • All persons who have made significant contributions to the work, were proposed to become co-authors of the article.
  • All co-authors are aware and agree with the submission of the manuscript to the journal.
  • The authors agree with the journal’s system of reviewing and selecting articles for publication, including in foreign languages.

Р.S. - in order to avoid format distortions, alphabetic characters, equations and formulas, articles should be typed in Word 2003 format (the ability to save text in a similar format for all subsequent versions of the editor Word), this applies to both the text itself and the formula as well as graphic editors.

  • formatting techniques such as footers, hyphenation, headers (in tables), text wrapping (figures and tables), animation must not be used in the article;
  • presentation of tables, charts and figures in Excel format is not allowed;
  • please, do not customize the look of the article for the design of the “Journal of Coal Chemistry”, this does not make things easier, but complicates the layout.

Manuscripts that do not meet these requirements will be returned to AUTHORS FOR IMPROVEMENT !!!