Ukrainian State Research Institute for Carbochemistry


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Ukrainian State Research Institute for Carbochemistry

Coal research

Through his research, UKhIN made a significant contribution to the development of the science of coal, especially in its most complex sections, such as studying the composition, structure, and laws of their thermochemical transformations...


Coking technology

The institute has made a significant contribution to the development of coke oven designs. On hydraulic models, elements of heating systems of all modifications of coke ovens have been developed...


Coke oven gas treatment

The institute owns developments that ensure the purification of coke gas from hydrogen sulphide, solutions for the extraction of hydrogen cyanide from gas to obtain sodium and ammonium salts, thiourea, hydrogen xanthone...


Scientific research

The Institute conducts research in the laboratory, pilot industrial and industrial conditions in the following areas:

  • the study of solid fuels;
  • coke production;
  • production of carbon materials;
  • coal gasification;
  • production of chemical products based on the processing of combustible minerals;
  • environmental protection of coke-chemical and other enterprises of processing of combustible minerals;
  • production of innovative carbon products from coal.

UKHIN was established on July 4, 1930. Now the total number of employees is one hundred and thirty-three people, including eighty-three research workers, 26 doctors and candidates of science.

According to the order of the State Committee of Ukraine on Technical Regulation and Consumer Policy No. 93 dated March 14, 2011, SE "UKHIN" performs the functions of the secretariat of the Technical Committee for Standardization 12 "Coke" (TC 12), whose fields of activity (objects of standardization) include coke products (solid fuel) and chemical products of coking (including liquid fuel and road-building materials).

Works with the participation of the State Enterprise "Ukhin" were awarded to:

State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology:

  • «Integrated energy-saving technology for the production of high-quality metallurgical coke at JSC ALCHEVSKKOKS», 2009 (Doctor of Technical Sciences Kovalev Yevgeny Tikhonovich, Ph.D. in Technical Science Kuznichenko Vyacheslav Mikhailovich);
  • «Resource-saving technologies of metallurgical production based on the use of Ukrainian coal», 2012 (Ph.D. Igor Shulga).

Prizes of the President of Ukraine for young scientists:

  • «Development of methods for modifying the properties of coal charge and the creation of optimal operating conditions for coke ovens to produce high-quality coke», 2015 (Ph.D., Zelensky Oleg Ivanovich, Ph.D., Sytnik Alexander Vladimirovich).

Prizes of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for young scientists (in the aggregate of scientific papers). - Ph.D. Zelensky Oleg Ivanovich.

Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 12344-p dated June 16, 2010 awarded the Prize of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for special scientific achievements - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher Miroshnichenko D.V.