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Editorial board

  1. All materials submitted for publication are carefully selected and reviewed.
  2. The editorial board considers all manuscripts impartially, duly evaluates each article, regardless of the racial, religious, national affiliation of the authors, as well as the status or place of their work. The Editorial Board makes fair and impartial decisions, independent of commercial or other interests, to ensure a fair review process.
  3. The editorial board fights against falsification, plagiarism, sending the same work by an author to several publications, multiple copying of the content in various articles.
  4. The editor-in-chief and members of the editorial board shall not disclose information related to the content of the received manuscript to anyone other than persons directly involved in the professional evaluation of the manuscript.
  5. In accordance with national and international copyright law, materials published in the Coal Chemical Journal may not be reproduced in whole or in part without reference to the original source.


  1. Authors of articles are responsible for their content of articles and guarantee their authorship.
  2. The author should duly indicate the sources of the fundamentally important materials used in the work, if these materials were not obtained by the author himself.
  3. Plagiarism and submission for publication of a previously published article is not allowed. In cases of revealing these facts, the authors of the provided materials are responsible.
  4. The author who submits the manuscript for publication is responsible for ensuring that the list of co-authors includes those who meet the authorship criteria, and assumes responsibility for the consent of other authors of the article to its publication in the journal.
  5. Authors should notify the editor of any potential conflict of interest that could be affected by the publication of the results contained in this manuscript.


  1. The reviewer must provide an objective, unbiased assessment of the quality of the manuscript on condition of anonymity. If there are reasons (conflicts) that make this requirement impossible, the reviewer is obliged to notify the editorial board in advance.
  2. The reviewer must convincingly substantiate his conclusions.
  3. The reviewer should draw the attention of the editorial board to any violations of ethical norms by the authors.
  4. The reviewer must provide a timely response to the manuscript.
  5. The manuscript submitted for review is a confidential document. The reviewer has the right to disclose, and even more so - to use unpublished information contained in the peer-reviewed manuscript, only with the written consent of all authors of the manuscript.